Officers & Directors


2019 Board of Directors

Osgood State Bank Board of Directors

 John “Jack” Alexander, Chairman of the Board* 
 William Brandewie, Vice Chairman of the Board*
 Bradly Barhorst*
 Benjamin Simon*
 Michael Monnier
 Tony Kaiser, President
 Dr. William "Bill" Minton*
 Scott Hinsch
* Denotes independent director and member of the Audit Committee.

Executive Officers

 Michael Monnier, President and CEO OSB Bancorp, Inc., Bank Holding Company
 Tony Kaiser, President and CEO of Osgood State Bank.
 Sandra Hoehne, Chief Financial Officer
 Keith Burghardt, Chief Operating Officer

Contact our Directors

Shareholders, customers and members of the community are welcome to contact Osgood State Bank’s directors with their questions or concerns about the Company. You can communicate with our Board of Directors by sending a letter addressed to the Board of Directors, or a specified individual director to:

Corporate Secretary Osgood State Bank
275 West Main Street
P.O. Box 69
Osgood, Ohio 45351

Letters will be collected by the Corporate Secretary and delivered to the independent presiding director, or to a specific individual director if so addressed. Complaints relating to accounting, internal control or auditing matters may be communicated to the Audit Committee, or a specified individual committee member, by sending a letter addressed to:

Internal Audit Department or

Osgood State Bank
275 West Main Street
P.O. Box 156
Osgood, Ohio 45351

Complaints will be investigated by the Internal Audit Department, and such matters will be presented to the Audit Committee on a regular basis. The Audit Committee is comprised solely of independent directors.