"There are very few banks where you can freely consult with the decision makers. We truly value our relationship with Osgood, they have been a phenomenal partner in allowing us to grow and succeed!"

- Mike

Bank well and be good with a commercial construction
loan that empowers you to:

Commercial Construction Loan in Ohio

Build From the Ground Up Without the Hassle

Owner Occupied Commercial Real Estate Construction Loans to build retail stores, office buildings, industrial or manufacturing plants, apartment complexes, or mixed-use projects.

Commercial Developments in Ohio

Smoothly Finance Commercial Developments

Land Acquisition and Development Loans to purchase residential or commercial land, as well as develop infrastructure for residential and commercial improvements.

Schedule a Meeting With an Commercial Construction Loan Expert:

Robb Armentrout

Robb Armentrout

I’ve been a lender with Osgood bank for over 7 years and have over 20 years of banking experience.  My clients know me best for my outgoing personality and devotion to doing what’s right for them.  Having held several different roles throughout my career, I can help you with almost any banking need you may have.

Zach Sommer

Zach Sommer

Having grown up in the area I take great pride in partnering with local businesses to help them achieve their financial goals. As a commercial lender it is very rewarding to see the growth in our communities through business development. With 15 + years of banking experience I am confident in my ability to think outside of the box and provide you the best value.

Katey Wibbenmeyer

Katey Wibbenmeyer

As the Senior Lending Officer, when you want to expand or have a question about your relationship, I'm just quick call or text away.  I'll provide sound advice and quick responses as we partner together to grow your business. 

“Thank you” to everyone at Osgood for everything you have done for our entire portfolio. You’ve been instrumental in our growth and for that I’m forever grateful."

- Scott

Get Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About the
Best Commercial Construction Loans in Ohio:

When should I secure funding for my commercial construction or development project?

The sooner the better. The best strategy is to consider the cost of acquisition and development to identify any outside capital needed during the initial bidding process of a project. 

Lending experts at Osgood Bank will help guide you confidently navigate the lending process.

What do I need to consider when seeking a commercial construction or development loan?

You should know exactly how much money you need, what it’s for, how the repayment schedule aligns (or doesn’t) with your expected receivable schedule, and whether or not you can build the cost of the loan into the total cost of the project.

If this seems overwhelming, don't worry. We are here to help.

Why should I partner with Osgood Bank for my commercial construction loan?

As a contractor/developer we understand you want to reduce red tape, streamline draw processes, and minimize any impacts financing may (or may not) have on your project timeline.  Our lenders have the authority, experience, and commitment to help you achieve these goals and finish projects on-time.