Bank well and be good. Manage your business with confidence:

Token Security for business banking

Token Security

Enjoy peace of mind with a two-factor identification requirement to create an ACH transaction from your account.

Positive pay with business banking

Positive Pay

Protect against fraud when we check debits against your records when processing payments.

business digital banking

Manage Your Money

Make payments, transfer funds, and monitor your transactions in a click.

Set permissions with business digital banking

Set Permissions

Regulate what your users are permitted to do on behalf of the business.

ACH origination with business banking

ACH Origination

A fast, easy, and secure way to pay employees by direct deposit, pay vendors electronically, and manage payment collections.

ACH templates with business digital banking

ACH Templates

We will help you save time on common business activities with a template designed to fit your needs. This is a great tool for processing payroll.

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What is Token Security?

A security token is a two-factor authentication device provided to allow a user access to a network service. Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security designed to ensure only approved users can create ACH transactions from your account.

The token displays a number that is changed at regular intervals. When the user attempts to create an ACH transaction, he or she must provide the number displayed on the token in order to proceed.

Is ACH Payroll and Payment Processing right for me?

We recommend the Business ACH Payroll and Payment Processing service for businesses that:

  • Process payroll in-house for five or more employees and/or

  • Collect large quantities of customer payments and receivables electronically.

Examples of businesses that generally meet this criteria include medical and dental practices, municipalities, property managers, subscription billing (gyms, water delivery services, maintenance plans, etc.), and service businesses.

How much does ACH Payroll and Payment Processing cost?

The monthly cost of this service is:

  • $24.95 per profile. This includes one business and two user logins. 

  • $6.95 per additional business and/or user login.

  • $100.00 one-time fee for setup and two tokens.