The Osgood Foundation

A 501c3 non-profit organization administered by Osgood Bank that partners with other 501c3 non-profits.  The Osgood Foundation provides funding and social support to schools and local non-profits to help them carry out their respective missions.


Give Back-01

Economic Development

Aids economic development non-profits that carry out efforts that help local businesses and our communities thrive. 

We support local non profits

Social Service Non-Profits

Provides aid to local non-profits that help people needing temporary aid and relief. 



Assists local schools by providing scholarships and support for athletics and arts - to help our kids grow. 

Mission of The Foundation:

Helps Our Communities Do Well By Supporting Economic Development.

Ensures Our Schools Can Be Good To Students By Funding Special Programs, Sports and Creative Activities.

Give Backs To Other Non-Profits That Provide Social Services To Assist Those In Need.

Grant Requests


Grant Application Requirements

  • The Osgood Foundation anticipates making grants in Darke, Shelby, Auglaize, Mercer and Logan counties.

  • The grant application is open to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.