When your business saves well, you have the money to do good.

Best Business Savings Accounts in Ohio

Business savings account for safe keeping and quick access to your business funds. 

Business Savings Account Rates

Best Money Market Account In Ohio

A checking-savings hybrid account that earns interest based on the account balance.

Money Market Deposit

Certificate of deposit in Ohio

Boost your savings when you invest. Our CDs offer competitive rates and flexible terms.

Certificates of Deposit

Employer Health Savings Accounts in Ohio

Entice employees with an employer sponsored HSA as part of your benefits package.

Health Savings Account

When Osgood Bank said they would be there for us, they really demonstrate/delivered and it will never be forgotten.

-Nick F., Custom Foam Products

Get Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About the
Best Business Savings Accounts in Ohio

Can I set up transfers from my savings to my checking account?

Yes. In addition to online or in person one-time transfers, we can assist you with setting up sweeps from your checking to your savings, or back, which allows you to maintain a minimum balance in your deposit account.

Is there a maximum number of transfers that can be done in a month?

No. For your convenience, you can transfer between your internal accounts as much as you need to each month. 

Do your CD specials apply to business accounts?


Offering you a competitive rate on your CD with Osgood Bank will continue to give you the edge to succeed.