Do well and be good when you help a child with a financial head start.

Pays for grades


Students K-12 earn $2 for every final "A" and $1 for every final "B" on year-end report cards.

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Thanks to our partnership, the whole family can learn real-world financial education for free.


Save for the Future

Open a youth savings account for as little as $10 to help your little one build a nest egg for their future.

Why Does Your Child Need A Savings Account?

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Teach The Importance of Saving

It's never too early to establish healthy financial habits. A youth savings account is a smart way to help teach your child money management, budgeting, and more.

Increasing financial education with experience can lead to increased opportunity for long-term financial success. 

Read more about teaching children about money.

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LEARN Well Bonus

Youth savings account owners are eligible for a bonus when they present their year-end report card at an Osgood Bank branch in June or July immediately following the end of the school year. 

We will review final grades and deposit $2 for each "A" and $1 for each "B" directly into the child's account. 

Each child is eligible to receive up to $50 in bonus earnings per school year. See a representative for more details.

Banzai! Free Financial Education

Check out our library of courses, articles, and financial calculators.

The Osgood Bank Learning Center is designed to provide the whole family with money management tips, tricks, and resources. 


Lemonade Stand

Banzai Junior

When life hands you lemons, become an entrepreneur! Designed for ages 8-12, kids will tackle financial dilemmas to create a successful lemonade stand and save for a big purchase.

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Banzai Teen

In Teen, users play to save enough money for college registration while navigating daily decisions like getting a job, going out to eat, and renting an apartment.

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First Job

Banzai Plus

Designed for users 16+,  Plus users attempt to save enough money to buy a home. Navigating things like identity fraud and auto insurance along the way could make a win a little trickier.

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Get Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About the
Best Youth Savings Accounts in Ohio

What happens when the child turns 18?

When the child turns 18, their youth savings account will automatically convert to a regular savings account. The child will remain the primary account holder and, at that point, the child or parent can submit a request to remove the parent from the account. 

Will my child's savings account need to be reported on my taxes?

If your child's youth savings account earns enough interest, the income will be reported under the child's Social Security number. The chance of this happening for a savings account is small, but we will send you a tax form if it applies to you.

Does the account come with online and mobile banking?

Children with a youth savings account are not eligible for online and mobile banking profiles. However, the parent/guardian on the account can link the youth account to their online banking profile for easy viewing and management. 

Who can make deposits into this account?

Anyone can make deposits into this account as long as they have the account number (and routing number if they are transferring money into the account electronically). 

Can I open an account for a child that isn't mine?

Yes. You can open accounts for grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or any loved one as long as you have the appropriate identifying information for the child.