Confidently Grow Your Franchise Operations

Simple Franchise Financing

Simple Financing

Eliminate the common complexities of franchise financing and save time with a single funding partner.

Right Fit Franchise Financing

Right Fit Funding

Relax knowing you have the right funding at the right time, framed for your franchise’s future goals for growth.

Franchise Financing Experts

Franchise Financing Experts

Gain access to our Franchise Experts committed to empowering you to execute your growth plan.


Step 1:

Schedule a Meeting

This quick 30-45 minute call provides an opportunity for us to get to know each other. We want to understand the goals you have for your franchise and evaluate if we are the right partner for you.

Franchise Financing Presentation

Step 2:

Present Our Initial Thoughts and Strategy

We will review your business information and high-level growth plans. Our team will identify options for you based on your franchise's goals for growth. Then we'll schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss options for partnering together.

Osgood Bank Franchise Funding

Step 3:

Growth Strategy Session

If we are a good fit for each other, we will facilitate a Growth Strategy Session.

At this stage, we will visit your business, near or far, and review strategic growth plans.  This face-to-face meeting will help us establish a meaningful long-term relationship and create a more in-depth financing roadmap to help you achieve your goals.


Step 4:

Underwriting and Funding

Once we understand your funding needs and have agreed to basic terms, our lenders will guide you every step of the way through the simple underwriting process. Our origination processes have been carefully crafted to reduce red tape and save you time.

Grow your Franchise

Step 5:

Grow Your Franchise With Increased Confidence

We’ll continue to guide you along your franchise's growth journey.

As your partner, we are here to help you do well with the confidence and security of knowing you have the funding you need to maximize your franchise's future growth potential.

"Thanks to our business partners at Osgood Bank, we have quickly been able to grow our business. From the outset, Osgood Bank spent a considerable amount of time focusing on our needs and longer-term strategy. By spending time with us in-market, Osgood became more familiar with our business in a way that a traditional bank never would. They provide insight on the trends, the market, and assist us in goal setting. Because of this knowledge and the size of their organization, another significant benefit is their responsiveness and speed in decision making. There are very few banks where you can freely consult with the decision makers. We truly value our relationship with Osgood, they have been a phenomenal partner in allowing us to grow and succeed!"

- Mike M.

Get Answers To Frequently Asked Questions
About Osgood Franchise Financing

Why Choose Osgood For Franchise Financing?

We have the service touch of a traditional community bank coupled with deep experience in franchise systems and lending.  Our goal is to become your trusted financial partner so we can process credit requests fasters than our competitors, provide sound advise for growth, and help operators reach their long term goals.

What Is Osgood's Typical Franchise Loan Size?

We offer programs to provide conventional financing for requests up to $5,000,000.  Larger requests can be funded through a syndicate of funding partnerships with other banks that we have established.  Regardless of deal size, Osgood Bank will be your single point-of-contact for your lending relationship

Are SBA Guarantees Required?

No and that is a key advantage to working with us. We typically do not pursue SBA guarantees unless it's requested by the borrower to obtain a particular rate or structure. 

What Are Typical Terms?

A typical franchise loan to fund a new location will typically be a 5-10 year term, fully amortized - with an initial 12 month interest only period during construction and stabilization.  Our rates and fees are highly competitive