Making a Difference: School Supply Donations

Posted by Osgood Bank on October 31, 2023

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Discover how Osgood Bank's generous donation of school supplies is making a positive impact on the education of local students.


School supplies play a crucial role in students' academic success. Having the necessary tools, such as notebooks, pens, and textbooks, enables students to actively engage in their learning and complete assignments effectively. Without these supplies, students may struggle to keep up with their peers and may not reach their full potential. "Students with the supplies they need in the classroom and at home are more motivated, have higher self-esteem, and enjoy a better learning experience overall. Across a lifetime, this leads to higher rates of high school graduation, secondary education pursuits, and career success" (Mina, United Way of Tri-County). 

When a repetitive from Osgood Bank's Charitable Committee saw a request from a local nonprofit asking for school supplies donations, there was never a question of if we were going to help but how. 

Supporting Education In Our Community

During a committee meeting, members chose to have each of Osgood Bank's branches and the Operations Center select one of the area schools where supplies could be donated. Mississinawa Valley,  Hardin-Houston, Ansonia, St. Henry, Chippewa Neighborhood Outreach Center, and Rustic Hope all received bundles of supplies.

We collected and delivered an array of essential school supplies, including tissues, folders, pencils, erasers, notebooks, glue, glue sticks, scissors, rulers, paper, and pencil bags. The recipients expressed heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for this donation of resources, knowing that they will prove immensely useful throughout the entire school year.

School Supply Delivery - Hardin Houston School Supply Delivery - Mississinawa Valley 2
Ansonia School Supply Donation St Henry - School Supply Donation



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