Brightening the Lives of Children: Osgood Bank's Toy Donation to Dayton Children's Hospital

Posted by Andrea Haskett on December 28, 2023

Andrea Haskett
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This holiday season, Osgood Bank celebrated the spirit of giving in a truly special way. Rather than traditional corporate gifts, we've chosen a path that reflects our commitment to our community and aligns with our purpose statement: "Do well. Be good."

This year, instead of sending gifts directly to our customers, we've redirected our efforts to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Osgood Bank has purchased hundreds of toys from the Dayton Children's Hospital Amazon wish list. These toys will be used to brighten the stay of children admitted to the hospital, providing joy, comfort, and a sense of normalcy during challenging times.Dayton Children's Hospital Tree Lighting Ceremony

At Osgood Bank, our purpose extends beyond financial services. "Do well. Be good." is not just a statement; it's a guiding principle that influences every decision we make. By supporting Dayton Children's Hospital, we aim to contribute to the well-being of our community and bring smiles to the faces of those who need it most.

The toy donation from Osgood Bank can have a significant impact on the children and families at Dayton Children's Hospital. For the young patients, the toys serve as a source of distraction and comfort during their hospitalization. They provide a sense of normalcy and brought moments of joy in what can be a challenging time.

For the families, the toy donation demonstrates the community's support and care. Sometimes, a toy, board game, or book can help to alleviate a bit of the stress and worry that comes with having a child in the hospital. At Osgood Bank, we hope our contribution brings a sense of relief and gratitude to the families, knowing that they are not alone in their journey.

(Photo of Tree Lighting Ceremony provided by Dayton Children's Hospital.)


"Donations like those received from Osgood are imperative to my team, because play is the job of the child. A lot of our tools for the team to be successful are toys. Being in the hospital during the holidays can be tough, and getting presents can provide some sort of sense of normalcy for kids. Thanks to Osgood Bank's donations these past two years, we are able to make a family's stay more comfortable and go above and beyond for the kids in our community."

-Megan Calabro, Child Life Director


Osgood Bank's Continued Efforts to Make a Difference

This holiday season is just one chapter in our ongoing commitment to making a positive difference. Osgood Bank remains dedicated to being a force for good in the community. As we enter the new year, we will continue to explore innovative ways to contribute to the well-being of those we serve.24 Dayton Childrens Donation (2)

Beth Julian, Donor Engagement Associate, helps Osgood Bank team members unload donations at the Dayton Children's 2023 holiday gift drive and donation drop off day.  


Are you interested in supporting Dayton Children's?

Click here to view ways to donate, view a list of items needed, get ideas on items you can make, and access the hospital's Amazon wish list

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